Ragdoll Achievement 2

Are you into science games? Games which give you opportunity to test different weapons, explosives, different scenarios, etc? Well guess what? There is such game and it is called Ragdoll Achievement 2. Game allows you to use different tools on doll, it behaves as real life object and you can see how things work and what kind of outcome it can have. Tool which calculates how much damage your doll took is very detailed and useful. It also shows which body part took most of the damage and it displays other important data which is very important for your scientific research.


Return Man 2 Zombies Guide

After funny mud action, it is time for some spooky zombie apocalypse in Return Man 2 Zombies. It looks like zombies enjoy playing American football almost as much as eating human brains, LOL. In order to succeed in this game, you will have to use experience from previous versions of the game, for example, we remember well that staying behind your teammates and avoiding the enemy’s attack is the best strategy to score touchdown successfully.

Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 Hacked – Even more fun

What is this game? Rogue Soul 2 is an intense side runner game. Kill all the enemies and remember to avoid any obstacles in your way this game is similar to merczone online in some way! Make sure to collect all the Solutions you find to buy useful things from The Shop. You will also be encountering caged people so don’t forget to rescue them.

impossible quiz 2

Impossible Quiz 2 Answers – 120 Quest

Well Well Well… what do we have here… a couple of people who are looking for Impossible Quiz 2 Answers. You know usually, I don’t encourage people to cheat or look for answers, but I do understand why you made this decision since it is not just another game, it is a game which involves truly impossible questions and this fact makes Impossible Quiz 2 extremely hard to finish (it's, even more, harder then Fireboy and Watergirl unblocked). There are 120 questions in total and we have all 120 answers to them, some questions are really tricky and change on every reload of the game so be careful in order not to lose your lives. Questions, as well as answers, are truly hilarious and funny, a special kind of logic is required to succeed in this quiz game. So guys scroll down and find all the answers for free and also you can try super smash flash 2 game for free.

How to play Happy Wheels full game for free

Happy Wheels is a top-rated physics-based online game just like Drift Hunters that features many amazing characters who use unusually different vehicles to pass through many different levels in the game. It’s popular for its graphic violence and also it involves user created game content including several game maps that are shared online. Depending on the level one is playing, the goal varies. Most of the game’s levels have goals such as collecting tokens or the player reaching the finish line. The game allows viewing of replays where the players are prompted with a choice to upload replays of their already played levels. Players of Happy Wheels are also allowed to create their own custom levels. The game provides many game objects and tools that players can use to build their levels with. The game maps uploaded on the public server are easily accessible by users. Happy Wheels Full Game Instructions Figuring out Happy Wheels is very simple. Half of the fun experienced while playing is seeing your game character getting thrown all over the screen as you anxiously press on the keys on your keyboard. To start the game just click Play and choose any featured levels that you want to play and click Play Now. If you end up not enjoying a level, just switch over to a new one for a new game experience. Instructions for each level constantly change with each progress a player makes in the game. The general instructions of the game include:

  1. Getting your game character across the board in one piece rather than a half bloody creeping zombie.
  2. Paying attention to instructions while playing the game for hints to do something. So as to advance through the game, ensure that you meet each goal on the different levels or alternatively give up and choose another level.
  3. To choose a different level, restart by Hitting MENU option.
There are many demo versions of the game available on other sites but if you want to get complete access to the Happy Wheels full version, visit link which we have provided or Totaljerkface.com.

return man 4

How to always win in Return Man 4 a.k.a Linebacker

“Return Man 4” is actually officially called “Linebacker” “Return Man 4/Linebacker” is a continuation of the popular ESPN Arcade, free American football flash game. But this time, there is a twist; you are not playing as a “ReturnMan 3”, you get to play on the offensive as a “Linebacker”. A linebacker’s main job is to attack the running back and prevent him from making the touchdown.



The apple shooter game series is one of the most interesting games that people play. It is simple and fast to learn because it brings out all the fun in a game. The game was inspired by a person called Wilhelm Tell who used bows to propel some arrows. It has a number of series, just like following fighting game GunMayhem 2. This means that the games are played consecutively after scoring the preceding one. It is funny, addictive and a type of an archery game. This entails shooting some arrows at a point or a target from a set distance with a lot of accuracy.

Super Smash Flash 2

Intense Gaming Action SSF 2 and Raze 3 hacked

Super Smash Flash 2 Hacked is the version of this series of games that will allow gamers the option of playing this intense and popular battle brawler game with a bonus that can be thrown in. The option of playing with such a variety of characters is one of the biggest draws to this version of one of the many flash games from McLeod, you can download it here. Players are allowed to choose from Samus, Marth, Goku, Zelda, and even the ever-popular Mario as well as over 20 others for their computer gaming action. All the favorites among the heroes will allow gamers to be able to compete with a total of 4 players in online play or the option of competing against the CPU that brings the brawling action to an increasing intensity in Tetris.

Dying Light Review

Dying Light is a first person survival video game based in a zombie infested city called Harran. The game was developed by Techland and released in January 2015 for PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4. While playing in an open world environment your goal is to infiltrate the city and find a rogue agent that has a file that could destroy your agency.