How to play Happy Wheels full game for free

Happy Wheels is a top-rated physics-based online game just like Drift Hunters that features many amazing characters who use unusually different vehicles to pass through many different levels in the game. It’s popular for its graphic violence and also it involves user created game content including several game maps that are shared online.

Depending on the level one is playing, the goal varies. Most of the game’s levels have goals such as collecting tokens or the player reaching the finish line. The game allows viewing of replays where the players are prompted with a choice to upload replays of their already played levels.

Players of Happy Wheels are also allowed to create their own custom levels. The game provides many game objects and tools that players can use to build their levels with. The game maps uploaded on the public server are easily accessible by users.

Happy Wheels Full Game Instructions

Figuring out Happy Wheels is very simple. Half of the fun experienced while playing is seeing your game character getting thrown all over the screen as you anxiously press on the keys on your keyboard.

To start the game just click Play and choose any featured levels that you want to play and click Play Now. If you end up not enjoying a level, just switch over to a new one for a new game experience.

Instructions for each level constantly change with each progress a player makes in the game. The general instructions of the game include:

  1. Getting your game character across the board in one piece rather than a half bloody creeping zombie.
  2. Paying attention to instructions while playing the game for hints to do something. So as to advance through the game, ensure that you meet each goal on the different levels or alternatively give up and choose another level.
  3. To choose a different level, restart by Hitting MENU option.

There are many demo versions of the game available on other sites but if you want to get complete access to the Happy Wheels full version, visit link which we have provided or

Game Controls

The game’s main control keys include the arrow keys, shift key, space bar, control key (ctrl) and letter Z.

The arrow keys are for movement while playing the game. UP arrow moves the character right (forward) and the DOWN arrow moves the character left (back). The RIGHT arrow key is for leaning forward and the LEFT arrow key is for leaning back.

The SPACE Bar is for special abilities such as boost or jumping obstacles i.e. depending on the character one is playing.

To eject from your wheeled craft, press the Z letter key on your keyboard.

The shift and control (ctrl) keys are used as secondary actions to the primary action key which is the space bar on specific levels. Also, depending on the game character selected, the primary and secondary action keys mentioned earlier on, provide unique abilities.

How to play Happy Wheels full game for free

All 10 Unique Character Abilities

  1. Wheelchair character – hit space bar for boost, to rotate the jet use shift and control (Ctrl) keys.
  2. Segway character – jump using the space bar, change posture using Ctrl & shift.
  3. Woman with shopping cart (Effective Shopper) – use space bar to jump obstacles.
  4. Moped Couple – use space bar for boost, brake using Ctrl, eject using shift, to change camera to woman use C.
  5. Dad or Mom (with kid on a bike) – brake using the space bar, to eject each rider use shift and ctrl respectively, switch camera to child using C.
  6. Lawnmower Man character – jump using spacebar.
  7. Explorer character – lean using Shift and Ctrl, to attach cart to rails hold Space bar.
  8. Santa Claus character – float using space bar, release elves after they are injured using shift, switch camera to elves using C.
  9. Pogostick Man character – charge a greater bounce by holding space bar, change posture using shift & Ctrl.
  10. Helicopter Man character – release the magnet using space bar, raise and lower the magnet using shift & Ctrl.



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