Intense Gaming Action SSF 2 and Raze 3 hacked

Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 Hacked is the version of this series of games that will allow gamers the option of playing this intense and popular battle brawler game with a bonus that can be thrown in. The option of playing with such a variety of characters is one of the biggest draws to this version of one of the many flash games from McLeod, you can download it here.

Players are allowed to choose from Samus, Marth, Goku, Zelda, and even the ever-popular Mario as well as over 20 others for their computer gaming action. All the favorites among the heroes will allow gamers to be able to compete with a total of 4 players in online play or the option of competing against the CPU that brings the brawling action to an increasing intensity in Tetris,

Intense Gaming Action With Super Smash Flash 2 Hacked and Raze 3Browse through the list of characters to find the moves that you feel will lead you to victory and then jump into the world of Super Smash Flash 3 for hours of enjoyment.

Make your way through the levels of this freeware game while being sure to be aware of the manifestations along the way. Those obstacles that appear in the multiple structures can be seen in changes to the terrain or in the appearance of enemies. Keeping your character alive is optimal to winning the game.

One of the most basic instructions for this game is the planning used in choosing the main character. Different attributes will allow multiple actions to help in the battles. Some characters will be able to jump higher, move faster, or be a stronger fighter.

In the list of characters to this version of the Super Smash Flash games are far from being the traditional characters. Each one will offer players versatility in the goal of winning. Play with different ones to see where your strongest abilities can be found.

This hacked version adds the capability of adding different characters to use in gameplay, with the addition of some Final Fantasy personas. Players will enjoy the many hours that can be found within the gaming world of Super Smash Flash 2 Hacked and its hacked options just place a final perk on the very top of all the action.

Regular gameplay controls:

Player #1




O——————-ATTACK #1

P——————- ATTACK #2



Player #2

W A S D ———-Move

5——————– GRAB

1——————– SHIELD

2——————–ATTACK #1

3——————– ATTACK #2

4——————– TAUNT

5——————– PAUSE



Controls that will add the hacking options:

Health——————————— Press 1 toggle

Added Lives————————– Press 2 toggle

Score Boost————————— Press 3 toggle

To Unlock Extra Characters———Press 4 toggle



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