Ragdoll Achievement 2

Are you into science games? Games which give you opportunity to test different weapons, explosives, different scenarios, etc? Well guess what? There is such game and it is called Ragdoll Achievement 2.

Game allows you to use different tools on doll, it behaves as real life object and you can see how things work and what kind of outcome it can have. Tool which calculates how much damage your doll took is very detailed and useful. It also shows which body part took most of the damage and it displays other important data which is very important for your scientific research.

Game comes with money reward system (something similar can be found is another awesome game kunkerio), the more money you earn the better gear you can purchase and more experiments you can complete. It is also important to note that amount of the damage which you inflict on your doll is very important. More damage equals more cash and more cash as you know allows you to get some decent gadgets.

Another important feature of the game is huge achievement system. There are tons of different objectives and missions which you have to complete. Completing achievements can give you extra amount of the money.

Once experiment is concluded you can see current damage and your record damage. Always aim to deal maximum amount of the damage in each experiment. As soon as you will reach your record high damage you will get bonus scores and you will have opportunity to unlock new weapons.

Oh and one more thing, each weapons can be upgraded couple of time. You can increase for example explosive damage of your mines, or you can increase damage of your spikes and other weapons as well. Check game menu well, you will find a lot of interesting features there.

With all that being said you are now ready to start your experiment. Try to think outside the box and try to find new ways of placement you weapons in order to inflict maximum amount of the damage with minimum effort.



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