Return Man 2 Zombies Guide


After funny mud action, it is time for some spooky zombie apocalypse in Return Man 2 Zombies.

It looks like zombies enjoy playing American football almost as much as eating human brains, LOL.

In order to succeed in this game, you will have to use experience from previous versions of the game, for example, we remember well that staying behind your teammates and avoiding the enemy’s attack is the best strategy to score touchdown successfully.

But what is new in this version of the game? Well enemy defenders are now zombies and it kinda scares players and they lose clear mind. It is also important to remember that there are mud puddles as well, now imagine how scary it is to get stuck in one of those puddles while zombies are running at you.


While running across the field you may sometimes see different power-ups, make sure to pick them up, they give you different benefits, for example bonus speed for limited time and things like that, I was able to finish different hard levels with the help of this kind of power-ups.

Controls of the game can be found below, as always there are new special moves in the game which you can use:

I – run forward
K – run backward
J – run left
L – run right
Space bar – continue
M – mute

New special moves:

A – football club
S – zombie twist
D – afterburner

Those who love zombie games will surely enjoy Return Man 2 Zombies, it has everything you need: elements of fear, football action, running and of course possibility to use different special moves, you can also try playing Tanks Awesome.


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