M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment celebrates 20 years with new ‘Passion Pulse’ offering and shift to ‘Fancom’ model

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment celebrates 20 years with new ‘Passion Pulse’ offering and shift to ‘Fancom’ model
Image: M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment's new strategic collective, Passion Pulse

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment commemorates two decades of creativity by introducing its groundbreaking 'Passion Pulse' offering. As part of this milestone, the agency boldly departs from the traditional fandom model, embracing the forward-thinking 'Fancom' approach to fan engagement.

Celebrating 20 Years with Passion Pulse

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment marks its 20th anniversary with the introduction of 'Passion Pulse,' a transformative offering that redefines the dynamics of fan engagement. This strategic move underscores the agency's commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry by understanding and adapting to the evolving nature of consumer passions.

Fancom: A Paradigm Shift in Fan Engagement

In a departure from the conventional fandom model, M&C Saatchi introduces 'Fancom' to revolutionise the concept of fan communities. Fandom traditionally implies a mass, homogeneous following with a single attitude. Fancom, on the other hand, recognises the contemporary fan as a dynamic participant in coalescing communities centred around intersectional interests and behaviours.

Laura Coller, Managing Director, emphasises this shift, stating, "There has been a demonstrable move away from the tropes of traditional fandom towards what we call Fancom. Away from mass homogenised groups and towards communities coalescing around intersectional interests and behaviours."

Alongside the announcement the agency has also published a new report, 'Fandom is Dead. Welcome to Fancom' which you can access here.

Passion Pulse Leadership and Expert Team

Overseeing the Passion Pulse initiative is Strategy Partner Neil Hopkins, who leads a team of 12 experts. These experts, known as the Passion Pulse team, are strategic passion specialists with in-depth knowledge across sports, entertainment, and various sub-passions and communities. Their role is to decode the intricacies of fan communities, ensuring clients can authentically integrate with diverse passion spaces.

Coller comments on the team's significance, stating, "I’m proud to launch Passion Pulse, an expanded strategic offer comprising the brightest thinkers at the heart of sport and entertainment culture."

A Shift in Audience Needs and Behaviour

Recent research commissioned by the agency highlights a fundamental shift in audience needs and behaviour. The study reveals that 63% of people utilise their passions as a means to engage with others in real life, emphasising the importance of connecting consumers not just to brands but to each other through shared interests.

Emphasising the shift Coller stated, "This demands a shift in how we look at audience needs, and we believe there has been a demonstrable move away from the tropes of traditional fandom, towards what we call Fancom."

As M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment enters its third decade, the launch of Passion Pulse and the adoption of the Fancom model under the leadership of Managing Director Laura Coller position the agency as a visionary leader, continuing to forge authentic connections between brands and their audiences in the ever-evolving landscape of passion marketing.